MULTIMEDIA UPDATE - Closing Ceremony of the 1st China (Shenyang) Comedy Film Week and the Comedy Film Festival Was Held

Monday, June 17, 2024 at 12:27am UTC

SHENYANG, China, June 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Covering an array of major activities such as comedy film screening, "Shenyang field trips" for comedy filmmakers, and opening and closing ceremonies, the 1st China (Shenyang) Comedy Film Week debuted in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, from June 7th to 11th. Emphatic efforts were dedicated to promote the in-depth integration and development of culture, sports and tourism, taking advantage of the comedy cultural genes of Northeast China and the urban ambience of Shenyang as a comedy cultural city to incubate excellent comedy film productions, cultivate outstanding comedy film talents, and inspire more creations in the comedy genre.

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The closing ceremony of the 1st China (Shenyang) Comedy Film Week and the Comedy Film Festival was held on June 11th. This grand occasion, where celebrated performing artists, directors, and star actors put on spectacular performances, presented an extravaganza of lights and shadows based on the central theme "Delightful Gathering in Shenyang, Blooming with Jubilation" to the fans and audiences. During the event, many of those from the film industry expressed their gratitude to the city of Shenyang for providing a platform for comedies and filmmakers to express themselves and exchange ideas.

With "Delightful Gathering in Shenyang, Blooming with Jubilation" as the themed slogan, the 1st China (Shenyang) Comedy Film Week was an event that focused on the comedy movies, extended invitations to well-known comedians, and brought together classic and high-scoring masterpieces. The Comedy Film Week was also a showcasing window where the vibrancy of Chinese-style modernization in Shenyang of Liaoning Province are on full display, and where the breathtaking scenery, prosperous culture and development trend of the city are vividly presented to people at home and abroad. The event served to create a "demonstration site for high-quality integrative development of culture, sports and tourism" infused with deep and lasting cultural force for Shenyang to achieve high-quality development and sustainable revitalization.

Source: The Organizing Committee of the 1st China (Shenyang) Comedy Film Week

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