How to Identify a Dead Tree on Your Marietta Property

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Friday, May 26, 2023 at 1:00pm UTC

Recognizing a Deceased Tree in Your Real Estate

Marietta, United States - May 26, 2023 / Top Tier Trees /

As you look around your yard, you may notice that not all of your trees look healthy and beautiful. Maybe you’re not sure how to identify a dead tree and want to look deeper before taking action. Top Tier Trees, Marietta’s tree removal company, explains the clues that point to a dead tree to help you better understand the health of your foliage.

Trunk Damage on Your Trees in Marietta

If your tree shows vertical cracks or splits in its trunk, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dead. However, if you notice cracks in addition to the signs mentioned below, there’s a good chance your tree may be dead or dying. In some cases, an arborist may be able to repair a crack, but if the tree stands near a power line or structure, it may be best to remove the entire tree before it falls and causes severe damage. 

If you notice the bark on your tree peeling or falling off, this may also signify an unhealthy tree. In some cases, bark falls off a tree and grows back as part of its growth cycle. Take a closer look at the spots on the tree with missing bark. If the peeling bark looks old or brittle, and the wood underneath is worn smooth and looks dry, you’re probably looking at a dead tree. 

Fungus Growth on Your Marietta Trees

One of the initial signs of a dead tree is fungus or mushrooms growing around the base of the tree or on the trunk. Fungi around the bottom of the tree are often signs of root damage or death, as the fungi feed on the rotting roots. Fungus growing on the trunk of the tree typically also signifies a dead trunk.

If your tree already shows other signs of unhealthiness, fungus growth isn’t going to make it worse. However, if you have an otherwise healthy tree, you may want to call a professional tree service in Marietta to investigate further.

Lack of Foliage on Your Trees in Marietta

One of the easiest methods to determine how to identify a dead tree is by a lack of foliage. When spring and summer arrive and all of the other deciduous trees in your yard have leafed out beautifully, but one tree still remains bare, it may be dead. Keep in mind that some trees take a bit longer to sprout in the spring, so don’t immediately jump to conclusions. 

A lack of leaves may also mean that the tree is sick, in which case you should call a professional tree service. An arborist will determine if your tree is dying or suffering from a tree disease. 

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If you’re still wondering how to identify a dead tree, look no further than Top Tier Trees. Marietta’s professional tree technicians know trees, from trimming and pruning to diagnosing the most common tree diseases in Georgia. Call today for a free quote! 

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