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Friday, May 26, 2023 at 1:00pm UTC

Three Prime Paint Shades for Baby Rooms: Preferred Nursery Color Choices

Woodstock, United States - May 26, 2023 / A+P Contractors /

As you prepare to welcome a new baby, you have a lot of choices to make, from picking out baby names to deciding how to decorate the newborn’s first room. Decorating the nursery can be a tricky decision since you and your partner might prefer different themes, like clowns or zoo animals. Instead of getting specific with a design, consider painting the walls with the best nursery paint colors instead.

Woodstock’s residential painting contractors at A&P Painting and Flooring explain the top three color palettes to transform your old sewing, exercise, or game room into a warm and inviting nursery.

1. Soft and Gentle White

White is an angelic and pure color, which makes it the ideal scenery for your little angel. It’s also the perfect color if you prefer a minimalist style or a clean look that reflects natural light. However, you can keep the white from looking too hospital-like by staying away from blue-toned whites and opting for warm white tones instead.

Ivory and antique whites are creamier warm colors with pink and yellow undertones that create a softer white shade for your Woodstock nursery. You can also slightly alter the shade by adding richer pigments like beige, tan, or peach on the trim or an accent wall to increase warmth and coziness by introducing earth tones while remaining neutral. 

2. Pastel Pinks and Lavender Purples

Pastel pinks and lavender purples, or any close shade of either, are some of the best nursery paint colors for creating serenity and tenderness. While their femininity makes these hues ideal for girls’ rooms, pink lends a soothing feel to your nursery regardless of your baby’s gender. It also complements white trim and makes the perfect accent wall for lighter-colored rooms.

Since lilac and lavender resemble shades of pink, many parents use them to complement one another, creating a fairytale appearance. If you choose purple alone, which many associates with spirituality and wisdom, remember that purple lay down darker. Opt for a light shade to prevent gloominess.

3. Teals and Blue Greens

Parents expecting a baby boy usually head for the blue and green sections of the paint sample catalog, especially because of these colors’ deep yet soft and dreamy appearances. However, although traditionally boy colors, dusty, sky, or gray-blues alongside mint, seafoam, or teal greens can be excellent options for gender-neutral baby rooms.

Like pinks and purples, blue and green shades make good accent wall colors, or you can compromise with a solid blue-green hue on all four walls.

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